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posted Nov 18, 2016, 10:14 AM by WalkBike Frankfort

Please put Tuesday December 13, 2016 on your calendar for our Annual Membership meeting.   5:45  PM.  Paul Sawyier Library community room.


Agenda will include at least the following:   Election of officers and board members, Proposed by-laws amendments,   Updates on KSU ---Downtown trail, update to our Master plan,  and reports on our other 2016 activities.  


Officers and directors.   The nominating committee chaired by Bill Scott will be presenting a slate of officers and directors for 2017.    The nominating process is open and others may be presented from the membership at the meeting  


Proposed by laws amendments.     Your board has approved for you consideration, two proposed amendments.    One amendment proposes to add two at large board members to the WalkBike board of directors.    Rationale for this change is to broaden the diversity of our board and give us more people power to work on the great variety of issues which come to our attention.

The second amendment realigns our permanent committee structure to conform to recent changes in the FolkBike program.    The membership and public relations committee duties will be separated into two committees.    This change will made committee chair duties less burdensome for our volunteer. 

Folkbike .   Stuart Harrod has decided to retire from his almost full time duties as director of folkbike.  The program has been handed off to Frankfort High School as a training and mentorship program.    Stuart will volunteer there to help get the program off the ground.  Other Walkbike volunteers may mentor the students.   We will explain this transition in detail at the meeting.  

Kentucky Bikeways Commission.     The Commission is meeting this weekend  November 17-19 at Natural Bridge State park.  Meeting is open.  If you would like more information,  contact me or Troy Hearn.


A painless way to help.     If you buy groceries at Kroger, there is a painless way for you to help Walkbike prosper.    Simply go to the Community Rewards page of the Kroger website and choose us as your charity of choice.    While you eat,  we get a per cent of your dinner and it does not cost you a dime or a dollar.   Here is the link: https://www.kroger.com/topic/kroger-community-rewards-3.

See you on December 13.

Don Stosberg,  President of WalkBike Frankfort.