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posted May 13, 2016, 11:24 AM by Nathan Rome
Dear WalkBike Frankfort Members,

This is your President bringing you up-to-date on our efforts to make Frankfort more livable and accessible:

1. May 15 Louisville Road Bike Lane Dedication and Ride.

This Sunday at 2 pm we will gather outside Small Batch Cyclery to celebrate and enjoy the recently completed bike lanes on Louisville road. After refreshments and a few comments by local officials, I will lead a ride on the lanes and slightly beyond. It will be
about a 5-6 mile route at a very easy/moderate pace that will end back at the bike shop.

Our purpose is to thanks the agencies responsible and also to make drivers and bikers aware that the lanes are there. We will do a single file line so that motorists that happen to be passing will note the bike lane's existence. We want to build awareness of the lanes as well as to enjoy a gentle Sunday ride. Those who would normally prefer a much longer ride might come to show solidarity with our biking community.

2. June 1 Membership meeting and Master plan update.

On Wednesday, June 1 at 5:30 pm we will have a general membership meeting at the Paul Sawyier Library conference room. We will bring you up to date on WalkBike activities with quick reports and answer any questions you have. We will zip through reports so that by 6 pm, we can focus on the meat of the meeting , ie. to give members an opportunity to comment on the update to the Master plan. Brent Sweger will present the plan that incorporates comments from our previous public surveys. There will be plenty of opportunity for suggestions.

We have achieved a substantial number of projects in the prior Master plan and now it is time to set new targets. We sometimes set goals that seem very challenging at the time we set them and then, often to our surprise, a door opens and we find a way to get to the goal.  So don't be afraid to dream big!

3. “Thorobred Trail".

The trail (now in the design phase) has not been officially named, but we are using the title "Thorobred Trail" because that is the name that emerged as the people's favorite in our public survey. Hundreds of people participated in our survey and a similar one conducted by the State Journal. The names under consideration were Cliffhanger Trail, KSU—Downtown Trail, Thorobred Express Trail, University Trail, and Thorobred Trail. WalkBike will submit the results of our survey to the City Commission who will make the final decision on a name for the trail.

The first report from the engineering consultant is expected in June.

4. WalkBike incorporation.

On May 3rd our secretary, Bill Scott, officially filed our incorporation papers so that we are now WalkBike Frankfort, Inc. This move will give us some legal protections as well as make eligible for certain type grants. We are also 501(c) 3, under the IRS, Your donations are tax deductible.

5. Bike to School Day May 4.

About 50 children used a method other than auto vehicle to travel to Second street school on Wednesday, May 4th . Prizes and refreshments were incentives. Thanks to Donna, Stuart, and Lynn, Natalie, and Amy for their efforts in organizing this successful annual event.

6. Future projects.

As many of you know, a giant State office building that will house about 1500 workers is nearing completion in the Sower complex off the East West Connector. The board has not taken any action yet, but we are beginning deliberations on possible strategies for getting the city and state to look at pedestrian and cycling friendly ways to access the complex. If you have thoughts on this subject, bring them to the June1 strategy meeting.

Another exploratory brainstorm we are working on is the possibility of moving an obsolete bridge in Western Kentucky to replace a structurally deficient bridge on West Broadway.

This is a bold project, but if we can pull it off, it would provide pedestrian access across the river at Riverview Park. For example, residents in Buttimer Hill could walk across the river to shop at the farmer's market.

7. Thanks again!

We appreciate your support and encouragement. It is because so many people support us that city and county officials listen to us when we make recommendations.

We no longer charge basic membership fees, but we always accept donations and we have many projects that can use our money. We also leverage your money by using it to match other sources of funds for project. Hope to see you on May 15 at Small Batch and June 1 at the library.

Don Stosberg, President