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WalkBike Frankfort (WBF) News, February 2016

posted Feb 17, 2016, 5:50 AM by WalkBike Frankfort


WBF News , February, 2016.

1.  Note from your President.  Your board has been working hard as we start 2016 and we want to give you an update on some of our actions and progress towards making our community more activity friendly.   Let me remind you who we are in case you would like to make suggestions or comments to one of us:    Don Stosberg (president), Sellus Wilder, (vice president),  Nathan Rome (treasurer), Bill Scott (secretary), Brent Sweger (Planning and Implementation chair) , Donna Hecker (Public Relations chair) , and Stuart Harrod, (Folk Bike Recyclery).


2.  KSU—Downtown trail.   We are happy to report that one of the last legal obstacles to a project that we have been working on for over seven years has been removed.   The City of Frankfort now has legal title to all the land needed to complete the project.  The city has a contract with Strand Engineering to do some engineering and design work on the project.   As soon as that report comes back we expect to begin seeing visible progress on the trail.

We also understand that KY state University has signed an agreement for the trail to proceed from the old rail bed up to East Main through the campus.


This project has been going by various names including the Pinsly trail and the KSU—Downtown trail.   Your board believes that it is important to suitably name this trail so expect to hear more from us soon on this topic. For now we will refer to it as the KSU-Downtown trail.


3.  Bike Safety legislation.   Two bills have been introduced in the Kentucky legislature relating to bike safety. SB 80 introduced by Senator Robin Webb and HB 121 introduced by Representative Susan Westrom both require allowing 3-foot leeway when passing a bike on a roadway. SB 90 is slightly more complex than HB 121 but both work toward the same general intent.   SB 80 has passed out of the Transportation committee and is awaiting action on the Senate floor.  The WB board has reviewed SB 80 and endorses the intent of the legislation.   We enclose a link to the bills below and encourage our members to review the bills and comment to their own legislators and write to the sponsors lauding them for their efforts to promote bike safety.


    You can follow the status of either bill by following the legislative record on line.  Below is the general link to track either bill:  http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/record.htm.


Breaking news:  As I write this on Feb 10, I see from the legislative record that SB 80 passed the Senate yesterday with only four no votes. Before its passage ,the bill was amended to simplify it and the main requirement left in the bill requires motorists to give cyclists 3-foot leeway when passing.    I think the fact that there was little opposition in the Senate and that it has come out fairly early in the session indicates good prospects for its passage in the House. 


4.   Master Plan update.  Brent Sweger is leading our effort with the assistance of some members to update our master plan.   Currently he is compiling and mapping the suggestions of our members regarding the most needed projects.    We expect to have a plan ready for review by our members in a month or so.   We received numerous comments and suggestions so we have many great projects to advance.



5    Horsey volunteers. The Horsey Hundred is a group bike ride produced every year on Memorial Day weekend in Central Kentucky by theBluegrass Cycling Club.  This annual event has grown to about 2500 riders from all over the country.    Part of the route comes through Franklin County.  The club is in need of volunteers to staff rest stops in at the two locations in the county:  one at River View Park and another at the Switzer covered bridge.  WalkBike will be assisting in recruiting volunteers for both locations.  If you are interested in volunteering,  contact don at donstos@gmail.com.  One perk of volunteering is that if you volunteer on Saturday, you can ride the Horseyroutes free on Sunday.


 Don Stosberg,  President.