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Update on Louisville Bike Lane Proposal

posted Oct 23, 2012, 8:58 AM by Nathan Rome
Message from Walk/Bike President, Brent Sweger:
A huge thank you to all our members and other citizens who supported Walk Bike Frankfort’s plan to add a bicycle lane to Louisville Road hill.  Many of you took the time to attend meetings, vote in the on-line poll, call City Hall, etc.  Although it was difficult to tally the actual for/against number, by all accounts it was very close. Even popular musician and bike commuter Ben Sollee was moved to write a letter of support to the Mayor and Commissioners!
However, I’m sad to say that despite this outpouring of support and your incredible testimony, our City Commission voted against recommending roadway improvements that would have enhanced safety for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.  In other words, all who use that route for everyday transportation have been let down by city officials who were unable or unwilling to come to terms with change.
Only Commissioners Sellus Wilder and Michael Turner had the courage to stand up for what is right.  It would appear that the others were either ill-informed or concerned about their re-election prospects.  At any rate, Walk Bike Frankfort will move on and continue its mission to make Frankfort a better city for cyclists and pedestrians.
With that in mind, look for an exciting announcement later this week!
Brent Sweger
Walk Bike Frankfort President

Link to Article that will appear in today's State Journal:
Louisville Hill Bike Lane Idea Nixed.  Sate Journal, October 23, 2012.