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Tweed Ride, Saturday, November 9!

posted Oct 30, 2013, 3:28 PM by Nathan Rome
Calling all ladies and gentlemen, lads and lasses!  You are cordially invited to join in the festivities of our Second Annual Tweed Ride and Perambulation!
The jollity will commence at three o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday, November 9, under the Old Capitol Yuletide Tree.  Dressed in their finest finery, guests will vie for several illustrious and exceptional awards. 
Following a leisurely spin on our safety cycles through historical downtown Frankfort, with plenty of opportunities to record our exploits for posterity, we will reconvene for the awarding of prizes, enjoyment of refreshments and a promenade with those who will be joining us on foot.

2012 Tweed Ride Participants in Front of the Old Capitol
Prizes will be granted in the following categories:
Most Dapper Gent
Snappiest Lass
Most Sporting Demeanor
Most Well-turned Out Youth
Most Spirited Steed
Most Marvelous Mustache
Most Magnificent Millinery
For those of you not fortunate enough to have your own bespoke tailor, a foray into the thrift and antique shops of our locale may be necessary to obtain the attire appropriate for a Tweed Ride.
Inspiration for such attire may be found by studying the Golden Age of Cycling, generally believed to have occurred during the Gay (or Naughty) Nineties (of the 1800s) and the early years of the twentieth century. 
Additional information may be obtained by making enquiries to 502-330-5835 or a visit to our Facebook page, wherein the specifics of this noteworthy event can be found.