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Tweedpunk Ride 2014

posted Oct 21, 2014, 2:28 PM by Nathan Rome
Calling all ladies and gents!  You are cordially invited to join WalkBike Frankfort and the Folkbike ReCyclery for the wacky festivities of our 2014 Tweedpunk Ride.  As an added enticement, this year’s ride will feature a Steampunk element, hence the new moniker.

Ever wondered why they’re called “handlebar” moustaches?  Or how safety bicycles got their name?  Or what was really going on in all those Jules Verne novels?

Here’s your chance to find out!  Cycling enthusiasts will congregate at half past two on the afternoon of Sunday, November 9, on the grounds of the Old State Capitol for a leisurely spin around our beauteous downtown.  There will be ample opportunities for socializing, seeing and being seen.

The ride will be preceded by costume judging and followed by an awards presentation.  Afterwards, all riders are invited to share a spot of tea or other libation and take in A Nightmare Before Christmas at the Coffeetree Café.

A bit of history-  Tweed Rides originated in London during the Golden Age of Cycling, generally considered to be the 1890s and early 1900s.  In keeping with the spirit of things, riders scrounge thrift stores and antique shops for wool and silk outfits that can be accessorized with bowlers and veiled hats.  Moustaches, sideburns and pompadours are de rigueur.

This year’s Steampunk variation may be personified in a number of ways but here are a few suggestions:  leather anything, corsets, goggles, fingerless gloves (preferably in lace), and gewgaws, contraptions and fripperies of all sorts and materials including wood, copper, iron and noisemaker devices.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

Most Dapper Chap
Snappiest Lass
Most Noxious Noisemaker
Most Colossal Failure to Meet Great Expectations
Most Razzle-Dazzle Damsel
Most Razzle-Dazzle Master
Most Magnificent Millinery
Most Marvelous Moustache
Steamiest Steed
Most Sporting Demeanor 
Grand Prize for Industrial Convergence (his and hers)

An RSVP is not necessary but knickers and protective headgear are.  For more information, please direct correspondence towalkbikefrankfort@gmail.com, drop in on our FB page or ring 502-330-5835.