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Proposal to restripe Louisville Road (US60) from Tanglewood Drive to Taylor Avenue

posted Oct 22, 2012, 12:44 PM by WalkBike Frankfort
The Frankfort City Commission will meet this evening at 5pm to determine whether or not to recommend the addition of a bike lane on Louisville Road hill.

  • Most logical, direct, route with a moderate grade for cyclists and peds between the downtown and west side.
  • Provides safe location for bicyclist to travel outside of vehicular travel lane going up the hill.
  • Marked pavement (with sharrow) to make drivers aware that cyclists may ride in travel lane downhill.
  • Sharrow identifies where bicyclist can ride.
  • Three feet of separation between vehicles going uphill and downhill will minimize potential for head‐on collisions.
  • Uphill vehicles have better sight distance going around curves.
  • No passing on the uphill through sharp curves allows for safer travel.
  • Both downhill and uphill vehicles will be farther from curbs.
  • Uphill vehicle travel lanes outside of the rockfall/slide area, eliminating conflicts
  • Shoulder allows for vehicles to be farther from pedestrians on sidewalk (safety and comfort.)
  • Shoulder allows for potential expansion of sidewalk by two feet.

  • Change from current condition – difficult for people to accept.
  • Perception that two lanes of capacity is needed for traffic going uphill although one lane is enough.
  • Some delay for motorists driving behind a slow vehicle uphill.
  • Slightly less space for vehicles to pass a broken down/run out of gas on the uphill side. A stalled vehicle would park within the 6’ bike lane with roughly 1’ overhang in the travel lane on the uphill side.

To view the full proposal, including a diagram of the plan, click the link below: