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"Be Safe-Be Seen" PSA Airing on Cable 10

posted May 20, 2013, 3:15 PM by Nathan Rome
As we continue to celebrate National Bike Month, the folks at Walk/Bike Frankfort and the Folkbike ReCyclery want to remind you that riding a bicycle isn't all fun and games! 
Our mission is to create a better community by making the connections that allow us to get around safely without having to use a car.  Safety isn't just a result of our built environment, though.  We also create an atmosphere of safety through our choices and actions. 
The Folkbike ReCyclery received a Paula Nye Memorial Grant from the Kentucky Commission on Bicycles and Bikeways.  Grant monies are being used to fund cycling education instruction, public service announcements and other tools to help spread the word about safe cycling skills for adults and children alike.
Look for the first installment of a series of public service announcements, produced by Cable 10 TV and now airing on its affiliated channels.  Titled "Be Safe-Be Seen", it's designed to help riders improve their visibility in traffic.

And on Wednesday, May 29, join us at the Paul Sawyier Public Libray from 5-7 pm for a fun informational session called "Brilliant Biking:  How You'll Learn to Love Your Bike and Play Safely in Traffic."   We'll share tips about choosing a bike and helmet and getting around town safely.
For more information, call 502-330-5835 or write to walkbikefrankfort@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.